September 18, 2020

Welcome to TalentWorld. Good things start here.

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We’re building something different. A new kind of staffing & recruitment agency. One that brings back a sense of depth to an industry that’s about speed and automation. 

After the acquisition of The Bagg Group and Turn Key Staffing, we recognized we needed a brand that could communicate our collective values. And although we love the GardaWorld brand and everything it stands for, it’s time to step out on our own and create a name for ourselves. Literally.   

Welcome to TalentWorld. Good things start here.

We’ve grown but have never lost sight of what matters: creating meaningful relationships between people and employers.

The TalentWorld Story

Staffing Services by GardaWorld began in 2014 in response to a market opportunity. Our growth started with the acquisition of Helene Roy Staffing agency, a leading Quebec job agency with nearly two decades of experience providing employment services.

We grew even more by acquiring The Bagg Group, a well-respected staffing company in the Greater Toronto Area. The Bagg Group was established in 1971, and grew exponentially over the years by acquiring other companies, such as temp agency Turn Key Staffing Solutions in 2011.

As we developed as an employment agency and our unique approach took shape, it became clear that we were more than just a branch of GardaWorld. And so the TalentWorld brand was launched.

What We Do

We create meaningful relationships between people and employers by placing people in the right jobs with the right companies—the right way. Our human-focused, super personalized, and rigorous recruitment process ensures that employers get great talent, and that great talent can give their all. 

We leverage technology where it makes sense, like with AI/machine learning to attract job-seekers, so that we can spend more time building meaningful relationships. This chemistry ensures candidates aren’t just selected to blend in to your work culture, but to help shape it too.

From full HR outsourcing, to filling temp and perm positions in finance & accounting, IT, industrial & logistics, and more, we do it all, and we do it well.

What makes us stand out?

  • Our recruiters have been trained to think like marketers, so we know how to attract the right people from the start
  • In an industry known for high turnover, TalentWorld recruiters have an average tenure of 3+ years
  • 500,000+ qualified candidates in our database

Need a solution tailored to your unique business needs? Want to learn more about our approach? Let’s connect.

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