January 13, 2020

Job interview: 5 tips from a TalentWorld recruitment expert

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TalentWorld’s Jackie Chua is one of Canada’s most respected recruitment experts, with 35 years of expertise.

Recently, in an interview with Sauga 960 AM, Jackie offered invaluable advice for those looking for work across Canada. We’ve captured just 5 of her tips below. To hear Jackie’s entire interview, click here.

Best Interview Tips for Job Hunters

1. Show me energy, interest and engagement.

That’s what Canadian recruiters and hiring managers want to see when interviewing a candidate for a job, whether it’s for a full-time, contract or temporary position.

Jackie Chua adds that to be successful at an interview, candidates need to “be present” and show they are actively listening, otherwise they appear to be not interested.

2. “Soft skills” matter.

Are you curious, creative, a team player, a strong communicator? Don’t leave your soft skills out of the conversation.

Your competition may all have similar technical or “hard” skills. But it’s the people who also have soft skills that align with a company’s culture who make it to the next round.

3. Tell me something about yourself that’s not on your resume.

If asked this question, speak from the heart, and be yourself, advises Jackie. This way, the employer can get to know you better.

It’s important for both you and the company to figure out whether you’d be happy together.

4. Demonstrate that you have “runway” room.

Recruiters and employers look for people who have “runway” room. This is an “insider” term used to refer to a candidate who has the capacity to grow in a job and take on new tasks and responsibilities.

5. Talk about your achievements from the employer’s perspective.

Think about what you have achieved for a company. Did you save a company money, did you make it money, did you fine-tune a process, did you improve a system, did you help your team be more efficient? These achievements help the employer see what you can do for them.

TalentWorld’s track record for successfully placing people in full-time, contract, and temporary work is second to none.  Check out the great opportunities at TalentWorld.

Jackie Chua is an award-winning recruiter, who with her team, has placed thousands of people over the years with the top employers in Canada. When not working on making excellent placements, Jackie Chua delves into travel blogs and cooking.


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