January 14, 2020

Easy networking tips to beat winter blues

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We don’t have to tell you. Winters in Canada can be tough. And TalentWorld recruiters offer this advice to anyone looking for work or a new career in any part of Canada: Don’t let the dreary winter blues defeat you!

We know the weather significantly affected moods. The Arctic Vortex and non-stop weather warnings don’t help job seekers to stay energized … or go out and socialize. 

And yet, networking is the name of the game for job-hunters.

In fact, about 44% of all work opportunities come from networking. All our job experts confirm that expanding your circle of contacts is important.

TalentWorld itself owes much of its success to the many word-of-mouth referrals we receive from satisfied clients and candidates.

Still, winter weariness really is a thing!  And we have the antidote right here for getting off the couch to shake up your career prospects.

TalentWorld tips to beat the winter blues

Make networking painless

Most job-hunters say they dislike networking. And they believe they’re terrible at it. Many report that it’s too stressful to try and connect, interest and impress people. And they feel they have to do it all super quickly before a person looks for someone else to talk to. Add to that freezing rain, and who wouldn’t opt to stay home with Netflix.

But there’s a trick to networking that eliminates the stress — and makes it more effective. Don’t even worry about selling yourself. Instead, set a different goal. See TalentWorld’s 10 Secrets to Networking Nirvana.

A book club is networking too

If you don’t have a hobby, now is the time to look for one.

Whatever it is you would like to do, meeting with others who enjoy the same things is a fantastic way to make contacts. Maybe you’d like to join a choir, take cooking or language classes, join a writing circle, get involved in board games, do indoor gardening, etc. It really doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as it’s fun for you.

If you want to find people near you who share your interest, check out meet-up groups. You’ll see there are hundreds of meet-ups, from gatherings of Artificial Intelligence geeks, to language groups, to people who like tea tastings. Networking doesn’t get easier than this.

Bonus: Interviewers enjoy hearing about your interests – they speak to your initiative and engagement.

Enjoy unique workouts

The gym is great, but busy gyms don’t lead to much chat beyond, ‘Are you getting off that machine soon?’ So a more specialized group activity may be your ticket to exercise and meet new people.

Hiking meet-ups, salsa classes, indoor rock climbing or more out-of-the-box activities like dragon boat paddling, medieval martial arts, bubble soccer (yes, you slide into a giant plastic bubble) will inspire more interaction. 

Bonus: You’ll never be at a loss for interesting small talk at any networking event if you can tell about an out-of-the-box experience you recently tried.

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer

A chance to give back, learn, and meet people – the question isn’t whether you should volunteer, but why wouldn’t you? Volunteer Toronto is a good place to start.

At TalentWorld, we are deeply committed to volunteer work and our staff is involved in about 100 different initiatives between us all.

Bonus: Volunteer work is valuable for your resume.

Say yes to being on a committee

For some, the mention of the word ‘committee’ sends shivers down their spine. But committee work is bonding. And a lot of contacts and lasting friendships are made through working together for a common goal.

Many neighbourhood community centres, local arts and crafts events, charitable organizations, and schools welcome new committee members.

Bonus:  Committees are a great addition to a resume, and a way to flex some skills while meeting new people.

Mindset matters

Recruiters at TalentWorld urge job-hunters this winter to do things that lift their spirit because employers want people who are positive and upbeat.

And, if along the way, you meet contacts and it turns out someone knows someone who may have an opportunity for you … that’s a bonus!

And while you are checking out possibilities, check for full-time, temporary and contract positions now available on job postings and see where your talent can take you.

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