January 9, 2020

5 essential questions to make you attractive to employers

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The latest employment statistics are the best they’ve been in two years. Canada’s unemployment rate now sits at 6.6%. We’re thrilled with this good news – it’s a sign of optimism. And optimism fuels expansion.

But for those among the 6.6% unemployed: Don’t think of yourself as a statistic.

The way we see it at TalentWorld, everyone who is seeking a job is seeking to contribute to the marketplace. So forget about numbers in the news, ignore the statistical indicators, and just focus on what you can offer the market.

Like any supplier of goods and services, at any point in time, you need to figure out what your potential market needs and wants, and how you can address those demands.

5 essential questions to ask yourself

To help, here are 5 essential questions to ask yourself during your interview preparation. (We adapted these from a wonderful graduation address by James Ryan, Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education.)

Wait, what? 

Yes, we’re serious. This isn’t just a thing to say when a pal tells you they can’t find the tickets to the game, or when your kid comes home from college with six houseguests for the weekend.

“Wait, what?” is an easy question to program yourself to say (to yourself!) when applying for a new position, interviewing, or handed an assignment by a boss.

Wait reminds you to pause and not to instantly jump on an action or thought.

What reminds you to get very clear on what is wanted.

It adds up to a formula to ensure thoughtfulness and clarity.

I wonder if…? 

Put these 3 little words together to activate curiosity and creativity.

Organizational psychologists have reams of studies confirming this is the mindset for succeeding at problem-solving. And your brainstorm can start just with “I wonder if…?”

What do we agree on? 

This is a terrific question that instantly prompts you to think like a collaborator. Establishing what you and someone else agree on sets the stage for working well together.

When a potential employer knows you agree on important factors or work goals, they become more comfortable and interested to hear about what you can offer.

How can I help you? 

This question supports TalentWorld’s philosophy that you are a contributor. What can you do for a team or a potential employer?

What matters to me, what matters to you? 

We love this question. It gets to the heart of a truly successful placement. Do you share values?

At TalentWorld, we are values-driven. We believe that people who are happy at work make for more productive and happier workplaces, happier families and communities. That’s why the right fit between employee and employer matters to us!

Wait, what? I wonder …? What do we agree on? How can I help you? What matters to me, what matters to you? Let these questions, not statistics, shape your thinking to be successful.

Looking for a job? Makes sense since you’re reading this blog post. Check out our job postings and see where your talent can take you.

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